Treatment Philosophy

Dr. Lord seeks a collaborative effort between himself and his patients. Your thoughts and opinions regarding your treatment plan are always explored and highly valued.

It is often the case that many patients he encounters have been incorrectly diagnosed and therefore inappropriately treated. He believes too that people are often over-medicated and/or medicated inappropriately.

Doctor Lord believes firmly that not every psychiatric complaint warrants a trial of medication. Some patients in his clinic are prescribed no psychiatric medication.

Some patients receive only psychotherapy, while some others receive a combination of medication and psychotherapy. There are circumstances when Dr. Lord both prescribes medication and performs the psychotherapy himself, and there are instances when a patient will be referred to another provider for psychotherapy while Dr. Lord prescribes medication. There are times also when your current therapist may see the need for a medication evaluation, and Dr. Lord will work in concert with them on your behalf.

Effective treatment requires accurate diagnosis and sound treatment planning. That is why the initial visit begins with a one and one-half hour meeting. The first hour is devoted to the diagnostic interview, and the remaining time is dedicated to a discussion of the findings and review of treatment options.

Treatment options may include medication alone, or a combination of medication and psychotherapy as outlined above, or even a medication washout period over several weeks with close and careful observation.



It is Dr. Lord's sincere belief that it is both a privilege and an honor to share in the treatment experience with his patients.

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